Humano wines are authentic, respectful of nature, and lead to spontaneous moments, fits of laughter, deep conversation, and good times spent with even better people.

Made in harmony with the environment and fabulously delicious, Humano is the first line of supermarket wines in Quebec with naturality at the heart of its values.

Smart wines, made the best way possible, using as little as possible.

Insightfully delicious

Humano wines are based on three fundamental values.


A responsible approach overseen by winemakers who care about the environment and who apply sound practices.


A reduced carbon footprint, as the wines are bottled in proximity to the area of consumption, right here in Quebec, using lightweight glass bottles made in Montreal.

Made for and by
real people

A convivial philosophy, an invitation to share, wines made for and by real people.
Responsible viticulture
All our wines are certified organic or made according to High Environmental Value (HEV) certification standards. But what does that mean exactly?

Organic viticulture

Organic wines come from organically grown vines, without use of synthetic fertilizers and chemical treatments. The secret lies in keeping the natural balance between the vineyards and the flora and fauna surrounding them. This practice offers wines that are truly authentic, just like the vineyards from which they come from. It is a vitiviniculture production system that seeks to:
  • maintain the ecosystems and fertility of soils on a long-term scale;
  • increase biodiversity and the protection of natural resources;
  • promote the use of ecological processes and cycles;
  • minimize or eliminate external interventions and viticulture practices that require the use of chemical synthesis product;
  • use organic products and processes in transformation and production processes, and trying to avoid all techniques having considerable negative impact on the environment.
It also excludes the use of genetically modified organisms and inputs issued from genetically modified organisms.

Source: Focus OIV – Le vignoble biologique mondial

Source: The International Organisation of Vine and Wine

High Environmental Value (HEV) viticulture

In France, high environmental value is a standard that guarantees the use of agricultural practices that preserve the natural ecosystem and reduce pression on the environment (soil, water, biodiversity, etc.). It is the country’s highest level of environmental certification for agricultural businesses. It is based on environmental performance indicators, which focus on 4 key areas:
Biodiversity conservation, which touches upon aspects such as agroecological infrastructure, plant diversity, etc.
Plant protection strategy, which assesses the untreated surfaces, the frequency of phytosanitary treatments, the use of alternative methods to chemical control, sodding, etc.
Management of fertilizer use, which includes a nitrogen balance, use of decision-making tools, soil covers, etc.
Management of water, which is measured by the material used, the adherence to a collective management approach, the use of decision-making tools, etc.

Naturality is at the heart of our values and guides our practices. Thus, Humano wines are not bottled onsite once selected, but rather shipped in bulk in huge air-tight, sanitary pouches, where contact with oxygen is controlled and kept to a minimum. These pouches are stored in containers that are specially adapted for overseas transport.
This practice allows us to transport in bulk 2.6 times more wine at a time, compared to a container of already-bottled wine. Thus, the transportation required to import our wine is reduced by approximately 63%, which in turn significantly reduces our carbon footprint.
Our wine is then bottled in Montreal, using lightweight glass bottles manufactured less than 25 km from the bottling site. Yet another way that helps us reduce our carbon footprint as much as possible.